My cat has had UTI/cystitis for about 2+ months. Ive tried 5 different meds & an antibiotic shot. It wont go away. Help?

Asked by Member 1198779 on Nov 10th 2013 in Other Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

Have you tried prescription vet food? Ask your vet to prescribe food specifically for urinary tract health. Royal Canin and Purina are two prescription brands, the other is Hill's. Are you also sure that your cat is not secretly spitting out his pills? I have known cats to do that, and using Pill Pockets can help with pilling. Do not touch the pocket with the hand that touches the pill, and give a few empty ones first as a treat. If that won't work, crush and mix them into wet food. The prescription food comes in wet and dry, and since my guy's surgery for stones (crystals left undetected that turned into marbles in his bladder) he's great and almost 15 on the vet food. Good luck! ^_^

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