My cat has confined herself to the bathroom for about 2 weeks now I have a 10yr. old spayed female declawed strictly indoor cat. First (been about a month)I noticed her itching alot. After inspection... I did notice a few fleas & her skin was real bad in areas. Small sores & scaley or scabby. I assume from fleas.Gave her a home flea dip & an application of Hartz flea on back of neck. She has now confined her self to the bathroom for about 2 weeks now. Her appetite & water intake seems regular, no vomitting (just hair balls from long fur) no diharea. She has never confined herself.... I notice a couple fleas & her skin is still a little scabby.... is it the fleas making her this way. Please help

Its not just about fleas.... I am worried why cat (Chio) stay in the bathroom all the time now for about 2 weeks. She comes out to eat & runs back in bathroom on counter. Thats where she sleeps now. I've had her for about 5 years & have live here in this apartment for about 2 years & she has never acted this way before.

Asked by Member 1193349 on Oct 7th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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Bezalel Tiger

I'm guessing you have carpeting. You need to remove all living things, flea bomb the home and then come back according to the directions, one fogger per room. The fleas are in the carpet and your cat does not want to get bit anymore. Also, most dips require you to wait at least two weeks before applying another anti-flea product, so she is probably tired from being over-pesticided. Once you de-flea the rest of the home, your cat will be more likely to return to her usual routine. Giving a waterless bath (spray) might help her skin to feel better, along with a follow-up conditioning spray (leave-in). ^_^

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