My cat has been sleeping a lot more than usual, doesn't eat and play much either, what could be the reason?

My cat is 9 years old. Recently she has been sleeping a lot more than before. It seems like she's always sleeping. Before she would come to us at night and ask for her chicken dinner food that she loves, but recently she hasn't even been asking for that. If we take this food to her then she does eat it a little bit. she eats her regular food as well but not as much she used to. She does has inflamed gums and we have been giving her medicine for that, I suppose this could be the reason for her not eating as much since it probably hurts. But that's only on 1 side of her mouth. The back side of her body twitches sometimes and it annoys her so she licks it whenever it happens. We took her to the vet when this started happening. We did give her the medicine "Revolution" for her twitching thinking it might be fleas. The vet said she doesn't have fleas and that she's a healthy cat. she doesn't have any health problems. what could be the problem? we are very worried.

Asked by Member 1181526 on Jul 21st 2013 Tagged sleep, eat, food, lazy, cat, adultcat, nineyearsold, urgent, worried, catbehavingdifferently in Health & Wellness
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Pookie Face (in memory)

Twitching sounds more like seizures than fleas, and bad gums means bacteria that can spread throughout the body. She may also be having a worse reaction to the revolution. Get rid of everything scented in your home like flowery floor cleaner, sprays, detergents and dryer beads, as cats can be sensitive to heavy odors. Mix wet with the dry while her teeth are hurting and let it sit to absorb the juice. Try different flavors of MaxCat cans, like senior and oceanfish flavors, from the pet store to see what flavors she likes mixed in best. ^_^

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