My cat has an absurd amount of black dander, but I'm certain it's not fleas. What is it?

She has very little exposure to the sun, so I doubt it's Solar Dermatitis. I've owned cats my whole life and have dealt with fleas on numerous occasions. Even with this cat (years ago). The amount of "dirt" (it does turn red when damp, so it's crusted blood) she has would indicate a complete infestation, not just an occasional flea. I can't pet her once down her back without getting a large amount of "dirt." Yet, when I go over ANY area with a flea comb, I get 0 fleas. I've spotted fleas on a black cat before, so finding a single one on my 2/3 white calico is a walk in the park. Nothing. I promise you. I've had several other friends look too, in case I was going senile. Their searches yielded the same results. "Dirt" without the culprit. I've scoured my rugs, linen and upholstery for them too, to no avail. So, I'm ruling out fleas. She does also have dry skin, but she's always gotten that in winter since she was a kitten. So, please, any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Asked by Member 1211198 on Jan 27th 2014 in Skin Problems
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Orion Hemingway

If you have kids, the dander could be plain old dirt. Cat hair is fine and anything can get picked up in there. Start a regular brushing regimen with her- that might help. I would flea treat her anyway and see if that helps too, and vacuum more if you have carpeting. Or when she goes to the vet, show the vet what you are speaking about, because maybe there is another bug in your area that acts the same way, but is not a flea. ^_^

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