My cat has a genetic deformity-a short tail with a little hook at the end. Is this common? What is it called?

I noticed another cat in the neighborhood has this same short tail, but he is also polydactyl! Anyone know anything about this curious trait?
Thank you!

Asked by Fredericka on Feb 15th 2008 Tagged genetictailanomoly in Breeds
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That's usually called a tail kink. They are pretty common. I've seen them in a couple of tortoiseshell cats, and it is a common trait in Siamese cats and others with Thai ancestory.

A severe kink could potentially lead to problems, but most of the time, it doesn't seem to bother the cat. My Odo has a kink near the end of his tail, and my mom's tortie has one as well.

Odo answered on Feb 16th.

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