my cat has a bilateral luxating patella

so bailey was diagnosed with a bilateral luxating patella in both of her back knees and also in her from knee she has torn her ACL. this surgery is going to cost me about $600. does anyone know what would happen if she didnt get the surgery? would she be in pain forever? she barely walks now so its obvious that she is in pain currently but i dont know if it will eventually heal so she can get back to normal. help!?

Asked by Bailey on Mar 23rd 2010 Tagged luxatingpatellas in Health & Wellness
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My vet said that Chelsea has a luxating patella on one side. Since she is young it is not a big deal but she will probably have arthritis when she is older. My vet said that this surgery is rare in cats (more common in dogs) and that with cats it is usually treated with medication but that when she gets older, it will be my decision to make. My vet gave me brochures for Cosequin and Dasuquin. If your vet did not discuss alternatives to the surgery or other options, I would consider a second opinion from a vet that specializes in cats. I currently use a Cats only clinic after a rather serious mis-diagnosis by my old vet. I am a big advocate of second opinions. However, for a torn ACL, the surgery may be the only option. I have never heard of that in a cat. But it is also common in older dogs.

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Mad Max

My cat, Max, was also dianosed with luxating patellas. After several consultations with different vets, I finally came to realize that Max would always be in pain unless he had the surgery. Then again, his were grade four, the most severe type (or so I've been told). Grades three and four usually always require surgery. It's not cheap; Max's operation came in around $3,200. But it was worth every penny. I'm seeing Max do things he was never able to do before -- jump, run, crouch, even scratch behind his ear with a hind leg. He spent two months in confinement (see the pictures) and he's still recovering, but I would do it all over again.

Definitely get a second opinion--or a third, or fourth. It doesn't hurt. Depending on the severity of Bailey's condition, she might do well with some physical therapy.

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