my cat has a bald belly and appears to be excessively licking at herself. It appears to be allergy related?

My 6yr old cat who's a bit neurotic at times has a licking problem. We moved about 6 months ago and her lower abdomin has always had very short hair since her spaying. Since the warm months her belly fur has gotten noticeably shorter and its obvious she's licking at it. Her teats in this area, are looking a little raw from over-licking. She's been scratching at her head and licking at her paws too. All behaviors she's never really done before. She's strictly indoors and has never been outside. Her ears don't have mites. She doesn't have fleas. It would appear that she's got an allergy of some kind. But the belly fur is prickly now that its so short probably irritating her skin further. Any suggestions? Because of her sensitive nature I suspect that its a anxiety thing. We recently moved as I mentioned, and my boyfriend moved in with us a few months later. So she's had a lot of changes lately. We have NOT seen a vet yet since she's very hard to get in a carrier.

Asked by Member 1044893 on Jul 10th 2012 Tagged licking, allergies, bald in Allergies
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Riley Jake Fisher

If you think she might have an allergy try switching her food. Some cats are allergic to their food causing irritation and rashes. If this has been the first time she has been licking and she has been eating the food for a long time, she's probably not allergic to the food and try to get her vet if you can. If she has been having new foods or eating table scraps then try switching cat foods or putting the table scraps away immeditely. Hope I could help!

Riley Jake Fisher answered on 7/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


It really does sound like anxiety-driven overgrooming, especially since you mention two recent major changes in her life. There are homeopathic remedies you can try (go to Jackson Galaxy's website and take a look at his Spirit Essences but it's still important to get her checked by a vet. She may need some anti-anxiety medication for a while, or she may indeed have a food allergy. As far as getting her into a carrier, I recommend a top-opening design. That way you can quickly pop her in hind feet first and close the door.

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