My cat had diarrhea but now has not used litter box in 19 hours.. Is this normal?

I took him to the vet everything was negitive and X-rays said no blockage. Gave me some meds but has only taken one dose and it was for the diarrhea. But he has not even attempted to use the letterbox and I can't find any accidents. He is LHD 6 years old male cat. He seem fine and is eating some and drinking.

Asked by Member 1210370 on Jan 19th 2014 Tagged diarrhea in Illness & Disease
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Panda Bear

When he was at the vet, nothing went in, so now nothing is coming out. Ensure that he has plenty of fresh water to drink- add another bowl to encourage him. You can also offer a few treats to stimulate his appetite. Feed a healthy, non-grocery store brand of cat food without by-products or artificial colors such as MaxCat dry and wet varieties by NutroMax. ^_^

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