My cat goes to the bathroom on the floor and his cat box is only inches away? What can be the problem?

This usually happens when he does not get his way or he thinks the cat box is not clean enough!? I do not get up at 2-3 am to clean his box and sometimes there is a pile of surprise for me in the mornings..Is my cat sick or just being lazy or is he getting revenge.

Asked by Member 873075 on Sep 2nd 2009 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Having more than one toilet (if you don't already) is a good idea, as a cat usually defecates around dawn, and if there's another, undefiled litter box available for any later (or earlier) gifties, that may solve the problem. However, while the problem sounds behavioral, you might have your cat checked by the vet just to make sure it's not a medical issue. I'm not a vet and can't make a diagnosis, but it sounds like a combination of fastidiousness and, as you put it, "revenge." How long has this been going on? Have there been changes in his life/environment recently (new food, new spouse, construction going on)? Or maybe you're away from home more than usual, and he's expressing his displeasure at that? My Harvey occasionally poops on my personal belongings (handbag, etc.) when he thinks he's being ignored. I hope your problem resolves itself soon.

Harvey answered on Sep 2nd.

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You need to keep the litter box clean. Cats are very clean by nature. Although, you shouldn't have to get up in the middle of the night to clean it. You also may need more than one box.

Here is some good information about litter boxes from Dr. Lisa Pierson:

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