My cat gets mushy poo from chicken/turkey trader joes wet food. She is okay with ocean fish. Any recommendations?

Asked by Cappuccino on Jan 23rd 2013 Tagged food in Food & Nutrition
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Splat Cat

Tell your vet what's going on with your cat and have your vet check the cat to make sure there are no digestive problems, allergies, internal parasites, etc. Any of these, as well as stress, can cause soft stools. Unless your vet has advised you to keep your cat on canned food, put your cat on a good quality dry food. Your cat is better off being fed dry food. Dry food helps clean the teeth. For a fairly inexpensive good quality dry food that keeps cats in good condition with good stool consistency, less stool and less smelly stool the way high quality expensive foods do, I recommend Whiskas. Except for a couple of toothless old cats that cannot eat dry food and a cat who has to be kept on a urinary formula dry food, I've fed Whiskas to my cats of various ages for years now. The few times I couldn't get Whiskas and had to feed a different kind of food, I sure noticed the difference when there was about 3 times the amount of waste, sloppy gloppy waste, in the litter pans.

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