My Cat follows me everywhere but I don't believe it's because he loves me.

I have a red tabby persian who is 7 months old and he follows me EVERYWHERE. I've looked at the answers for people asking the same question and the usual answer seems to be "because he loves you!' but I just can't believe that is the case with this cat.

He's sometimes gumpy and anti social, he'll get affection and seems to be enjoying it only to desperately try to get away. To me, I imagine him thinking "Uh-oh! I'm enjoying this, I better get the hell out of here!"

He wont let me scratch him on his side or belly without sinking his teeth into my hands, sometimes as hard as possible. More often than not he shies away from touches or rubs, even if he's sitting by us just chilling there. Once we go to pet, he retreats to his "jail" (a windowsill that has bars).

These are some of the reasons I find it hard to believe he loves me, and follows me around because of it. Could there be another reason?

Asked by Member 1015836 on Dec 16th 2010 Tagged following, biting, aloof, antisocial in Socialization
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Izadore (Izzie)

Whether or not animals are capable of "love" in the true sense of the word is a controversial question. I don't know of any cat who enjoys belly rubs. Izzie will roll over but if I do more than pat him briefly, he'll claw and bite (although not as hard as you say yours does). That's a red flag area, so don't do it. In the wild, the alpha members of the "pack" are responsible for providing food for the rest of the group. I wonder if my animals don't follow me around just in case I decide to hunt down and drop a rabbit, elk or piece of balogna. 8-)The important thing to remember is that animals, like people, have individual personalities. I have one child who loves hugs and another who tenses up, one who sends cards and buys gifts and another who thinks a "facebook" wish is "enough". Although cats can be trained, they retain their own personalities. If your cat wants to be close and not touched, then don't touch him, just enjoy his closeness. Does he "love" you? Only HE knows for sure!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 12/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I tell people that my Chelsea is bipolar. She does love me and she also follows me around and will come running no matter which cat I am calling. She will lay next to my pillow with a paw on my face and purr so loud. But this is all on her terms. Chelsea will only sit on my lap if she decides she wants to and then only until I annoy her by petting her too many times. I can pick her up but only for a minute and only if I am standing up. If I brush her and pull to hard, she bites, hisses and then attacks the closest other cat but I can trim her claws or wash her face with no trouble at all. None of my other cats behave this way and they were all raised the same and 2 even have the same breeder and parent cats. Basically, cats are cats. Most cat behavior is odd and there really is no way to explain it most of the time. I believe that your cat does love you and wants to be near you , just on his terms.

Chelsea answered on 12/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Persians are known for being socialable & loving. Ragdolls are known for this too. I mentioned that because my cat is a Ragdoll & she follows me all over the place too. She also acts the way you said your cat does. Cats tend to be standoffish sometimes, even really affectionate ones. They sometimes want something like affection, but only on their terms. I think following you around is not only part of his personality, but I do honestly think that your cat does love you. I can't imagine him wanting to be around you otherwise, even if following people is a part of his personality. I don't know many cats who enjoy having their side or belly scratched or rubbed, so I'd advise against that especially since he's already made it clear that he doesn't like it. Try rubbing the side of his face & under his chin to see if he likes that. I know alot of cats that like that.

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The Kitty Kommittee

LOL you are lucky you have only ONE following you around!. When I go for a walk the Kitty Kommittee that happens to be out side will follow and comment on things. This can be anywhere from 5 to 20 cats!
Cats can and do love,and do it unconditionally. They have certain people that they are really attached to, but if raised with love will return it in full measure. One of our kitties, ( tank by name.) loves my hubby and I bit that's it. He will tolerate people getting close to him, but they had better not try and touch. He doesn't lash out but will stalk off in an offended way.He has always been that way even as a kitten. Cats also have bounderies that they want people to respect. It appears yours is his sides and belly. Since he is a tenager, he may grow out of this, but then again he may not. That's part and parcel of life with akitty.

The Kitty Kommittee answered on 12/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Lucky(RIP 2003-2009)

I like that my cats follow me around. It makes me feel important. Even if they don't like you to touch them, if they follow you around, they like you. I have had cats where any contact was strictly under their terms. I accepted that and felt blessed when they did encourage me to pet them or rubbed up against my leg.
I think it is possible for your cat to really like you and want to be near you yet not like being handled. That might change as they get older and even more comfortable in being around you.
Being 7 months old, I'm sure that if you are patient, this kitty will eventually accept and even enjoy your attempts at petting him. I had a semi-feral kitty that even 6 years into her life was still getting better with her trust of me and demanded petting and attention.
Play with him, give him treats, be patient, and I'm sure he will one day accept and enjoy having you stroke his fur. Then he will become a welcome pest!
Lucky's Mom

Lucky(RIP 2003-2009) answered on 12/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

gracie tatanka

for starters he is 7 months old! a baby still and the equavalent of a teenageri used to wonder about grace when she was small because she would follow me every where but if i picked her up it would last about 30 seconds and she would want down i knew she cared about me but i couldnt understand why she didnt want petting and cuddling in arms when i said it to my own mother she just fell about laughing and reminded me that as a child i was exactly the same i would come for a quick hug or kiss but then let me down i got things to do people to see! lol grace was the same as she has gotten older she stays longer but i think it might be quite a while if ever that she will sit on my lap to watch tv etc... good thing to shes after hitting 16lbs on the scales lol give your kitty time to grow up and your relationship will sort itself just remember you cant force him to be some one he isnt and he will do the same for you! good luck!

gracie tatanka answered on 12/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My cat has a chronic disease and I have noticed that she follows me around on days that she doesn't feel good. She doesn't even sleep the entire day that she follows me. When I shoo her away if I am busy, she begins to walk away in a very slow motion, but is back to following me shortly thereafter.

Member 1016179 answered on 12/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Nathanial Patrick

When you said that your kitty is often grumpy and anti-social, combined with his violent reaction to petting, a red light went off in my head. This sounds like the reaction of an animal who is in pain!! Persian's are usually very mellow. The fact that he follows you around & wants to be near you clearly shows that he is attached to you & loves you, but I'm afraid that the reason he goes through times where he doesn't want to be around you or be petted is because this causes him pain. PLEASE take him to the vet for a physical & then if all checks out OK you can discuss the behavioral issues with him/her. Your cat is very young, but there certainly be multiple physical issues going on that you need to be aware of. Good Luck!!!

Nathanial Patrick answered on 8/15/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer