My cat did a needle biopsy and i was told that it was a tumor. but now it can be cancer..

Thanks for two answers.
My cat did a needle biopsy(to find out either tumor and cancer. about $300) and I was told that he had tumor not cancer. The doctor suggesteda surgery and we were ready for that.. Now new doctor said that needle biopsy was not enough saying It is better find out what kind of tumor is and it can be cancer. Suggested blood test( we did $200) and another biopsy ( tissue biopsy $ about 600) , x-ray(?). .... Maybe they are cautious but they are changing stories which concerns me. The surgery estimate has been changed, too (They said that the previous estimate was expired) It is clear that they do not want to do operation without another biopsy. Are they really care for cat or are they going to make a higher bill with extra unnecessary tests?

Asked by Member 1041094 on Jul 17th 2011 Tagged tumor, cancer, tests in Senior Pet
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