My cat claws at the carpet and our chairs. How can we stop him?

My cat used to be a good boy but now since we got him back from boarding from the cat haven he is clawing at everything.

Asked by Piper on Dec 15th 2009 Tagged claawingatthesofaandcarpet in Scratching
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Izadore (Izzie)

He may be paying you back for boarding him! Fill a soda can part-way with pennies and when he starts to claw on inappropriate things, shake it at him and tell him "NO!". He'll begin to associate this sudden, loud noise with scratching on a chair, etc. Also, buy him some of those corrugated cardboard boxes that have catnip in them. Carpeted scratching posts are great, but some cats can't tell the difference between those and the furniture and/or carpet. Lastly, make sure you are paying MUCH attention to him, playing with him, grooming him, etc. Let him know he's still your little boy.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Dec 15th.

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Make sure that he has plenty of places that are appropriate for clawing himself. This is a natural way that cats exercise their paws so they need a place that they are allowed to do it. A cat tree, a scratching post, etc. There are even scratchers made of cardboard and laced with catnip that many cats enjoy clawing on. When you catch him clawing on the rug or furniture, pick him up and show him the scratching post and remind him where it's OK to do it. You can alos try keeping his claws trimmed which will minimize any damage he can do. And keep a water bottle handy and give him a shot when you catch him clawing the rug or furniture. It seems like he just needs to relearn his manners after being boarded.

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