My cat chases his tail while he is playing, is this normal?

Asked by Member 1083427 on Jan 10th 2012 Tagged tail in Kittens
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Very! Not every cat is silly enough to play with their own tail, but for those that can ignore the sensations coming from their tail as they pounce on it it's a very fun game. It's more common in kittens but some cats go their whole lives convinced a devious furry snake is following them. As long as they don't bite their tail hard it's not a problem. Keep an eye out for injuries on his tail- if you see swelling or he ever can't hold it up he should see a vet as he may have given himself an abscess. More likely though, he'll just keep having good harmless fun!

Cali answered on 1/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer