My Cat bites and chews all my medical equipment (heating pad) and oxygen tubing. Help they are getting costly.

She I think gets board so I need to find something to occupy her constant search for fun. She is so loving I use a squirt bottle but let me turn my back and the object is in shambles.

Asked by Member 998261 on Aug 3rd 2010 in Methods of Training
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wesley alexis gold

i SO feel your pain-at least my insurance pays for my tubing-so far. if they have to be replaced more often than is reasonable, yeah.
first of all, try an aversive that doesn't require you to watch her like a hawk-lots of people i know swear by bitter apple spray. non-toxic, but cats can't stand the taste. or most cats can't. spray whatever you don't want her biting.
and then work on distractions. one way to go, if you can afford it/handle it, is another kitty. the best exercise and entertainment for a cat is another cat. honestly, i've raised kittens two or three at a time and one at a time-the singletons are paws down the more destructive, because they're BORED. no human can provide enough stimulation for a kitten, and only a cat can really play cat games.
if that's a no go, how are you set on cat toys? trapped ball rings run mine ragged. wand toys-da Bird is great! laser pointer is fabulous, just mind her eyes. the more mental and physical stimulation, the better.

wesley alexis gold answered on Aug 4th.

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