My cat attacks me! It is like he gets possessed.

Cooper is a 2 year old Ragdoll. I got a ragdoll because I read they are laid back, mild behavior. Not Cooper. Since a kitten he attacks - eyes wide, pupils dilated, and uses teeth and claws. The only way I can stop him is to hold him TIGHT, and find a toy to distract him with (after I am bleeding!) He's gotten a bit better as he gets older, but when I didn't get up at 4:45am (which he thinks is feeding time now!) he nipped at me. I ignored him and he attacked me. Twice! I was bleeding. When I put him outside the bedroom door for a couple minutes he acts like all is cool again.
If anyone else had this cat, I know they'd drop him at the shelter. I know him I deal. But I don't understand at all. Anyone have a clue. My vet said I am prey, but I think he gets pissed when he doesn't get what he thinks he wants. All other times he is smart, sweet, plays hide and seek, purrs, and loves me. Clueless, here.

Asked by Cooper on Jul 30th 2013 Tagged bites, attack, catfromhell, demoncat in Aggression
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I know how you feel.
Mikko attacks my feet sometimes......I have no idea why. He also climbs up my legs....OUCH! But i think your vet is right. After all, cats do come from big cats like tigers and stuff, so we are practically prey to them.
I am not to sure, but his breed may (or not dont know) be in the Siamese half, they sure do look like Siamese to me! Did you get papers with him? Pmail me. Siamese are like that. Spun MOL!
Remember i said not to sure about them being in the Siamese dont get mad if i am wrong MOL!
Hope this helped :)

Mikko answered on 8/16/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer