My cat all of a sudden is acting very strange. Wired Behavior. ANY suggestions or comments welcomed

My cat loves to explore the house and everyone and thing that comes in. Fuzzball loves to fetch especially Q-tips, and he carries my loaf of bread or newspaper around the house. He sneak attacks us all the time especially to my son who is 13yrs. They chase each other through the house as if they were both kids. Fuzzball especially shows more affection and gives more attention to my husband. He is by far a one of a kind cat. However for the past two days he refuses to walk in front of the sofa to the kitchen. He creeps through very gently and runs like a bat out of hell. All of a sudden he is scared of everything, he jumps for no reason and just is not himself. I want my crazy, exploring, not scared of anything cat back..PLEASE respond if you have any suggestions.Thanks~~~~~~~~~~~Giggles

Asked by Member 1177669 on Jun 29th 2013 in Other Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

Did something happen while you were away? He was spooked for a reason. Construction or a loud storm in the neighborhood maybe? Give him a chance to come around with toys, treats and a new climbing tree. ^_^ Be patient- he's in there...

Orion Hemingway answered on 11/11/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer