My cat acts extremely aggressive when scared

My cat is 5 years old and scares way too easily. She's afraid of strangers, loud noises, bathrobes, long skirts, very tall people, squeaky toys... When she gets scared she doesn't get aggressive but demonic! When she was a kitten she would hide and wait for the "danger" to pass but now she attacks to kill whoever is closest at the moment. When she has one of her fits I'm usually the only person that can calm her down but this is the second time she focused on me. She saw me holding a blow drier(it was off) and hour ago and jumped at me. Now I'm locked in my room and she's still howling and scratching at the door.
I have no idea how to help her and here there are no cat trainers or whisperers or whatever. Sedation is out of the question and if you suggest putting her down I'm going to grievously injure you in my mind! She's a sweetheart when she's not trying to kill me.
I'm not overreacting, this time she jumped right at my face and I have no idea how I managed to fight her off

Asked by Member 1143955 on Dec 6th 2012 Tagged aggression, extremeaggression, fear, phobias in Fears & Phobias
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Firstly, i can totally empathise!!
My Cat sooty was a terror, but he was also very ill and we realised too firstly get kitty to the vet.
I really love the feliway diffusers have you tried one? It may be that kitty didnt socialise enough with humans from 4 to twelve weeks.
One method i found worked really well is immediate distraction. Find something, a bell, two sticks a spray of water, when aggression escalates use a sharp noise or clap to distract her long enough, then walk away, do not pet, or comfort her when shes aggressive, just remove yourself or anyone else from the situation quickly, make sure you dont show you are fearful , but remember an aggressive cat is a dangerous one so treat and scratches and bites quickly with water and disenfectant.
Look for signs before it turns worse, such as flicking tail, flat ears dilated pupils etc, and get out of the situation. Dont hide away!!! get out there and ignore her and go about things normally hope your ok!!

Batfink answered on 12/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Feliway or a calming collar may work, but they're rather hit or miss, depending on the cat. I would strongly recommend a vet visit just to make sure that there's nothing medical going on that may be causing her to become aggressive. She might need a short course of anti-anxiety medication (not sedatives) to bring down her stress level and help her cope with her environment. After the vet visit, you might also try homeopathic treatments like Spirit Essences (available on Jackson Galaxy's website).

Monster answered on 12/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I've had this with my eldest cat. If he saw a dog he would freak out and in his fear he really wouldn't have a sense of reality (i.e. who I am, what's going on, etc) since all he coul focus on was the threat of the dog.

What worked for me was just 1) leaving him alone a bit to calm down or 2) having him focus on something else. When I use a baby voice e always found it very soothing so I tried that and I noticed that he immediately calmed a bit (a good indicator with him was always whether the fur on his tail that was standing on its ends began to fall back into place--if it was, he was in his zone and unreasonable).

Member 1144181 answered on 12/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer