My cat - 16 years old male cat. good shape--has about golf ball size lump on his back (back side of neck). He did a ne

My cat has about golf ball size lump on his back (back side of neck, bet neck and shoulder ). He did a needle biopsy. The results showed it was a tumor, that the tumor was benign and he was supposed to have surgery a month later. During the interim period, that doctor left the hospital. A new doctor sugeested a blood test which we did. the results were normal. The doctor now says that they need to have a tissue biopsy to find out what kind of tumor it is, if they can/should operate and that it could still be cancer. The costs are high. What's going on?

The old doctor said that it was a tumor, that it could be easily removed and, as I mentioned, that it was benign. So I am confused. My instinct is to just go ahead with the surgery without any additional procedures but they are insisting on another biopsy and x-ray. What is your opinion?

Asked by Member 1041094 on Jul 15th 2011 Tagged mycathasalumpbetweenneckandshoulder in Senior Pet
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If he were 6 I'd say take the new vet's advice and be cautious- find out what you're really up against. But realistically he's 16, if it is something malignant it will be really rough trying to treat it to try and squeeze out a few more years at best if he makes it. Especially because money is a concern I don't think it's unreasonable for you to ask them to remove the mass as planned, check the margins, and plan for hospice care and eventually euthanasia if it does turn out to have spread. I think that is kinder than putting an old man through aggressive treatment in most cases anyways. If your new vet isn't willing to do that you can always call around and find a new vet who is more understanding of the situation and willing to work with you. They can call up this vet and have his medical records sent over so you don't lose the progress you've made.

We hope it is indeed benign though, and we're sorry to hear you've been put in such a tough position!

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Freckles (1993-2011)

The biopsy would probably also require him to go under anesthesia so it may be better to just do the surgery. If I were you I'd ask for a consult with a vererinary oncologist and let them do an exam and see the results of the needle aspirate and the blood tests. It'll probably only cost about $100 and will give you confidence on what the diagnosis is and the best approach for your cat.

Freckles had 2 surgeries when she was 15 and 17 and recovered well from both. The second surgery was a benign tumor on her liver but it was fast growing and had a very high chance of causing a hemorage and was throwing off her liver function and causing weight loss. So the only choice was to risk surgey which was successfiul and Freckles recovered well and regained all the weight she lost. If your cats tumor is slower growing and not life threatening he may be better without surgery. The oncologist will be able to help you confirm what's best and what tests/treatment are needed.

Freckles (1993-2011) answered on 7/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer