My black cat has completely white underfur...what is this coloration called?

Asked by Mingus on Sep 27th 2007 Tagged color, black, white in Breeds
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Jonnie Harriet Rocket

Yes it's called black smoke look here for the specifics en.wikipedia.org
Some cats' coats present quite spectacular "special effects," achieved by a change from light color to dark color along the shaft of each hair. The lighter shade is usually white or cream and the darker can be of various colors. These can come in one of three versions:
Tipped - only the tips of the hair are dark. This gives the effect of the Chinchilla coat, where the cat appears almost white, with an all over silvery shimmer. This is sometimes referred to as "Shell."

Shaded - Roughly half of the hair is light and half is dark.
Smoked - Most of the hair is dark, with a light undercoat that shows through as the cat is moving.

Jonnie Harriet Rocket answered on Sep 27th.

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Nya - In loving memory

It's called smoke :)

Nya - In loving memory answered on 9/27/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer