My baby kitten had her first vaccination today?? Would it have any side effects ?? I'm worried

My kitten (two months old) had her first vaccination today .. Should I expect any side effects ??

Asked by Blondy on Jan 16th 2012 in Vaccinations
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Like with people they will often feel a little under the weather for a day or so after a vaccine. As long as she is eating and drinking normally by tomorrow that's not much to worry about, she's allowed to sleep it off for a few days. She may be sore around the injection site, so be gentle and back off if she doesn't seem to be enjoying pets as much as usual; tenderness should be gone within a week. A small lump may develop at the injection site, often a week or two after she got the shot. Don't panic if it does, just keep feeling it and make sure it doesn't get bigger than 2cm or hang around for more than a month. Other than that treat her as you would normally- if she has any severe symptoms you would normally rush her to the vet for call your local emergency clinic and tell them which shot she got and when and describe the symptom, they'll probably be able to tell you right away if it's nothing to be concerned about or if it could be a particular emergency complication.

Cali answered on 1/16/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Cali's excellent answer covers everything. I just wanted to add that you should try not to be swayed by anti-vaccination propaganda. Yes, vaccinations can lead to complications, but rarely. And the health benefits far outweigh the potential dangers. If vets thought that vaccinations were too harmful, they would not be giving them. That being said, many cat owners are choosing only the first set of vaccinations and a booster at one year, rather than yearly vaccinations throughout the cat's life, especially in the case of indoor cats. Indoor cats should always get their first set of vaccinations just to be sure, though.

Chibi answered on 1/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer