My adopted mommy is curious about my breed. Could I be a pixi-bob?

My adopted mommy is curious about my breed. Could I be a pixi-bob? I'm crazy at times running and leaping and when I catch my tail out the corner of my eye I must chase it and try to pounce on it in a infinite circle, I like to follow my mommy everywhere even if it interrupts my cat nap. I don't meow it's more of a chirp, I love to play with other animals but in a chase you down slap you and run kind of way, my fur is super thick, my mommy has never felt a kittens fur be so....well thick, the bottoms of all my feet are black I do have stripes on my front and back legs and to perfect black rings that go around the end of the tail I can never catch, the fur under my chin is white but black underneath, I have a spotted belly, my mommy would really like to know what kind of kitty you think I am, she lives in the middle of nowhere and I just wondered upto the house to play with sabot, my brother, can you help?

Asked by Sable on Dec 5th 2012 in Breeds
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The biggest question is: does she have a short, "bobbed" - looking tail? c: here is a short, 3 1/2 minute information video on the Pixie Bob from the Animal Planet TV channel.

www.pixie here is the official Pixie Bob breed website, created by the founder of the breed itself! And here is the wikipedia page on the Pixie-bob, with lots of other sources listed.

Just looking at the face and her markings, she sure looks like some of the Pixie Bobs on the net... though cats with stripes are pretty common, so it's hard to say. Try any of the above links and you'll be able to decide for sure whether you think she is a true Pixie Bob. I would think the biggest sign would be an abnormally short tail :)

Bandit answered on 12/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer