My 7 yr old cat has developed a twitch in facial muscles. Also body spasms and nervousness. This is second day.

The cat is male, 7 years old, and normally is very layed back and loving. He acts as though he is scared about something and keeps flitting around the room. Have not seen vet yet but if we find no answers we will. 2 months ago we moved to new house and just recently de-flead all pets and pet areas. He is an inside cat. Have never had problem with flea meds or treatments before. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

Asked by Member 1140122 on Nov 11th 2012 Tagged cattwitching in Illness & Disease
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There are many things that can cause twitching in the muscles of kitties, and a few of them are quite serious so your only option is to take your cat to the vet, as with any drastic change in behaviour its important to get him checked out, his nervousness could be down to being in pain and feeling vurnerable. Hope all goes well

Batfink answered on 11/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer