My 6 week old kitten won't eat? What can I do to get her to eat?

I need to get my six week old kitten to eat?

Asked by Member 841522 on May 30th 2009 Tagged gettingmykittentoeat in Kittens
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This is very little info to go on. Is she just finicky or is there maybe something wrong with her? If she has a URI (kitty cold) and can't smell, cats often will not eat if they can't smell so a trip to the vet is needed. But if she just doesn't like the food, then you need to keep trying different choices. The best thing for her is kitten food because they need it for brain development and growing bodies. Try different flavors and brands. And if you are feeding dry, try adding a little warm water to moisten it or else cat milk replacement (not regular milk- that will make her sick) If you are feeding canned, try different brands and flavors. Mine will not eat chicken or beef and they all walk away from most of the good brands like Wellness & Weruva. Mine prefer Fancy Feast. But even then, I have 5 with different tastes.Allie usually will not touch wet food but this morning she really liked new kind i tried. And the 2 that love wet would not eat this kind at all. Good luck!

Allie answered on 5/31/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have always mixed a fishy canned food in with their dry food. If that doesn't work a trip to the vet is a must. Good luck.

Rodney answered on 5/31/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer