My 5 year old cat has asemetrical lumps on either side of his spine back by his haunches. Can ANYONE help me define wha

I asked this question 2 days ago. Might the reason that I haven't gotten a response because nobody knows what these lumps may be?

Asked by Member 1209896 on Jan 18th 2014 Tagged awemetricallumpsoneithersideofspinebackbyhaunches in Health & Wellness
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Bezalel Tiger

More likely, the reason no comments were received is because there was not enough information provided in order to answer the question. We are not vets here. If they are large, they could be growths, and need to be biopsied to determine if they need to be removed. If they are small, it could be anything from bites to boils, an infection or anal glands that need to be expelled. Either way, there is no substitute for vet care in your pet's life, especially if he spends a decent amount of time outside. Take him to the vet for his yearly physical and have him tested so that you are able to help him. Cats are masters of hiding their pain instinctually, so if you do not help him now, it may be too late if the situation becomes dire. ^_^

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