My 3 week old kitten has a yellow like fluid leaking out of her eye, what infection could this possibly be?

My kitten is about 3 weeks ago, I was there for the birth of her and the others, and a few days ago she started to have a yellow puss like fluid leak from eye eventually gluing it closed when she sleeps. Every few hours I use a clean cloth to wipe is back open but overtime it happens again. I've done some research on glaucoma but I'm not fully sure if it could be that because it does seem her eye responds to light and it isn't turning red, so I'm thinking it's allergies. I really need a clearence on what it is and more information about it. Thanks.

Asked by Member 1062062 on Oct 8th 2011 in Health & Safety
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It could be conjunctivitis. You should go see a vet. Conjunctivitis are high contagious and it could jeopardy her litter. A vet is the only professional that could exam her prescribe her the antibiotics that she might need. Conjunctivitis are easy to take care of, but if you do noting it could develop in a serious infection.

Only a vet could know if it is conjunctivitis or other eye problem…

You must see a vet! Good luck! :)

Ully answered on 10/13/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer