My 2 female cats are fighting after we moved into our bigger house. They have always loved each other please help!

My cats are fighting after a big move and its mainly instigated by the "alpha" cat. She goes after her sister like she shouldn't be here. We had to separate them but realized the separation my have been viewed as unfair and caused more of a territorial imbalance so we are equalizing the relationship by putting them both in the same part of the house. They are in adjacent rooms with pet screen to see each other. We try to give them love, food, and play at the same time. Are we doing things right? Are there any helpful tips you can give? I'm afraid I will have to give one of them up and this will break my heart.... Please help

Asked by Member 1150649 on Jan 18th 2013 in Aggression
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It's very normal for cats to fight for a few weeks after moving. We have six cats and each time we have moved caused new battles. However, after things get divided up in a way that makes each cat content, the fighting subsides and they start loving each other again.

Here's what we do to make things easier:
We put up shelves for our "tree dwellers" and cat cubes for our "bush dwellers" - this helps everyone get a little more comfortable.

We play with them all together for about 20 minutes each day. This builds everyone's confidence and establishes neutral areas where everyone is happy. (This also is great for helping humans bond with the cats).

We space out food bowls so they can see each other, but are not too close. And never leave food out all day.

Avoid breaking up the fights unless it seems very dangerous. They need to work things out themselves. It usually isn't as bad as it looks :)

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