My 1 yr. old male cat wakes me every morning just meowing around 5 a.m. It's driving me crazy. Why is he doing this?

My 1 yr. old male cat meows everyday around 4 or 5 a.m.. I get up to make sure he has food and water. He eats then starts whining again. I try to ignore it but he will do it for over an hour. He will walk around the house and then come into the bedroom just meowing. He will jump on the dresser and knock stuff down because he knows he isn't supposed to be up there. Does he just want someone up with him or what? How can I get him to stop?

Asked by Member 814296 on Mar 11th 2009 in Noisiness
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I am not dis-agreeing with people who have posted here.I just do not prefer to lock them out at night.I love to have them around me & I even wake up at night to ensure they are alright.Yes!.. I know am a bit crazy.. but I cannot sleep without them around.When they first moved in to my house,they used to wake me up in the morning esp arnd 3 or 4.But at that time they were kittens & hormones were raging.I had them spayed & then they started calming down & everynight I play atleast for 30 mins nonstop using a laser light to tire them out.Once they are exhausted they sleep more peacefully & sometimes they wake up arnd 7 when am ready to leave to work.Main reason is since they are indoors they are bored out of their wits.So play with them every night,give them praises & if they are not spayed or that,ensure food & water is present before u go to bed & pet them when they make noise but dont get up or give them food unless it is empty.Eventually they learn to be quiet.

Tabby answered on Mar 12th.

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Yup. He just thinks you should be awake with him too. I have 5 of them so I get various versions of the wake up call. Whisker tickles on my face and purring in my ear from the polite kitty, walking on my pillow and an occasional swat from the less polite kitty, and insistent noisy comments from the least polite in the bunch. I say comments because she does not meow. It's more of a "wow mow wow" noise. And if I oversleep (in their opinion) like on the weekend they resort to knocking things off the nightstand on to the dog's head to get my attention. The only thing you can do is to lock him out of the bedroom. Which also does not often work because then they will bang on the door. Just continue to try to ignore him because if you respond you are reinforcing the bad habit.

Allie answered on 3/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Henry (1996-2010)

Welcome to the land of sunrise loving kitties!

For years, my cat Henry would start crying at around 5. I always wondered if he could hear the birds getting up. I think he just wanted me up with him to watch the sunrise. :-)

What I learned is you can do 2 things: ignore him completely, or give him pets IF he sits quietly on the bed. After a couple years Henry learned that momma is not getting up and he will at least get some pets if he sits quietly.

Your kitty may grow out of it, as he is still young. Make sure he has toys to play with, and always food and water (he and you may want free feeding at night).

Henry only makes a ruckus now if he's really bored and/or I sleep in. And yes, he occasionally will knock stuff off the dresser to get attention.

Henry (1996-2010) answered on 3/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

I can truly sympathize with you. When I go to bed at night, tiny (5 lb) Lily Rose digs at the carpeting and throws herself against the door. It really sounds like she's hitting the door with a baseball bat! But, she spends most of the day in that room lying on the arm of the loveseat and she can't understand why she's not allowed in there at night. We have 3 dogs who sleep with us, and the chase scenes if we let the cats in there would be historic. One of the things that has helped is having another cat to entertain her. I know this doesn't always work (as in Allie's mom's case) but for me when Izzie and Lily run around at night, at least they are leaving me alone.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 3/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I'm also in the school of kicking out the kitties and shutting the door. We have two cats that entertain eachother pretty well, but around 4/5am Phil HAS to be in the bedroom where he purrs insanely loud, nips at any skin we have showing, digs in the trash, and knocks everything off the dresser and nightstand. The problem with cats is there most active at dawn and dusk (not really nocturnal as they say), so really you're kitty just wants you up with her/him!

Of course we don't want to be up at 5 am so we toss him out and sometimes use this:

Its an motion activates canned air spray. totally harmless, just annoying and alittle scary. it keeps the cts away from the door when they're being really annoying. It seirously saved my life before Phil has buddy and had to stay in my room with me and he scratch at the bottom of the door to get out.

Philbert answered on 3/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

The Magnificent Seven

Har!!! I just got awakened by all four of the Weird Sisters jumping on my face at 4 a.m. Turned out that the food bowl was empty. Sometimes I shut them all out of the room because they jump on my face and play King of the Mountain on my thigh just as I'm having a nice deep sleep. Usually they sleep quietly with me, but since they do have a habit of pouncing if I move my arms under the blanket, poor Spike doesn't want to sleep with me anymore, since when I am stroking him as we are going to sleep, the kittens pounce. Ah, the joys and woes of a multicat household...

The Magnificent Seven answered on 3/12/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer