My 1 yr old male cat licks my face every morning, then tries to sleep on my neck or head. Why does he do this?

Every morning around the same time (between 4-5am), my cat licks my neck and face, then tries to get comfy by plopping down on my neck/throat/face. He also purrs loudly and nuzzles me constantly. Is he just trying to show affection, or is he maybe trying to wake me up to feed him? Funny, his sister (same litter) refuses to go anywhere near my face!

Asked by Millhouse on Feb 19th 2008 in Behavior & Training
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Hi Millhouse,

I don't have an answer for you but I'm 12 going on 13 and still lick my Dad's face and share his pillows in the morning! It's just my way of saying 'pay attention to me cuz I'm cute'!!



Atlas answered on 2/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My cat does the same thing but she steals my pillow. I wake up and I'm off the pillow and she is smack dab in the middle just sleeping up a storm. The one thing I did notice is she only does this in the winter. So maybe it is a warm place for her.

Member 457671 answered on 2/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Morgana - forever my soul

Aw, that's sweet! Milhouse is just a big cuddler, is all. Enjoy his love. Oh sure, if you get up & feed him, he'll be even happier but I doubt he does it just 'cause he wants food. He's likely very relaxed after a night's sleep & you're on his level - face to face. He's showing how much he cares for you.

In the wild, cats would normally be wakening very early for hunting since they're most active just before sunrise & after sunset. Even though he's a tame indoor kitty, he still carries wild instincts in him. It's his internal alarm going off. Try snuggling back a little but don't get up to feed him. He'll grow to enjoy the love without having a reward of food. It's not hard for them to get used to this.

Even from the same litter, kittens can have very diff personalities. If you realise that they may have diff fathers, it can explain it a bit. But even in true twins, they can show diff traits. A reserved cat will often warm up as they age. Maybe his sister will too.

Morgana - forever my soul answered on 2/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Eddie (Adopted!!!)

Sounds like your kitty may want both some attention and for you to feed him. The big orange tabby resident cat we live with wakes up our foster daddy at around the same time as your millhouse for food and we like to wake up our foster mommy for pets in the same way right before her alarm goes off at 7:00 AM. I say enjoy it!

Eddie (Adopted!!!) answered on 2/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer