My 15 yr. old cat had been taking thyroid meds up until thursday.

My 15 yr old cat had been taking thyroid meds up until Thursday. Friday he vomited all day. Took him to ER on Saturday, they gave him fluids and pepcid AC and sent me home with them which I then administered the next day. Took him to reg. vet on Monday and bloodwork was fine. X-rays showed nothing alarming and felt nothing. But weight went from 6.2 to 5.5. Vet gave me EN wet food to give him. Today he is eating a bit at a time and some fluids. Just noticed a cough and some wheezing, only once. Vet would like him to go back on thyroid meds soon to gain weight. I'm thinking maybe he just has severe acid or ulcer? Do you think upper respiratory infection is possible also with all of the vomiting? Will antibiotics hurt if he has stomach issues? Always had vomiting issues but never thought were serious till now. He's just getting back to his playful 15 yr old self and am wondering what could be going on.

Asked by Member 997725 on Jul 21st 2010 in Medications
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Izadore (Izzie)

It truly sounds like your vet is doing everything they can and should for your cat. It's entirely possibly he may have aspirated vomit and then coughed it out. If he is on antibiotics, you can give them after he eats. When I had my little old man, Shizzie, I gave him his meds after I fed him a little of his favorite canned food. This prevented a lot of the stomach problems. If you think he has reflux, ask your vet about giving him a feline dose of an antacid. Izzie was on Pepcid for a while. The fact that he's eating at all and drinking is GREAT! Encourage him with whatever his favorites are! Rely on your vet to tell you what food to give him to build up his weight again. On a personal note, whenever I go to my vets with an animal who has health concerns, I always take a pen and paper along to write down what they tell me and also to write my questions for them on. Good luck, pawpats for your baby and let us know how he's doing--we care!

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Very unusual for getting ill. I have a 15 year old femal cat with the same issue very samll bomba cat at 9 1/2 lbs and just was border line for hyperthyroid disease. Gypsy would not eat the Thyroid Food and their is no real scientific fact that it works. Gypst takes Tapazole 5mg - Methimazole 1/2 tab in the AM the same time everyday. Must be given at the same time every day at least 20 min and then feed your cat. I also leave down dry food and give her wet food with a little mineral oil on it in the evenings. leave her some treats twice a day and a vitamin. Planty of fresh water must be left down for the cat and changed twice a day if you work. O

The other symptons your cat is having sounds like a upper resperatory or allergy, some cats have seasonal allergies. Is she sneezing?, water eyes, scratching could be a sign of allergy, or otehr issues.

Hope this helps, just make sure that when you get your Thyroid meds from your Vet that it is not generic meds. Cats issues with Gen

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