My 1.5 yo cat is acting really sick on and off again - What's wrong with her??

Miyoki was a rescue, and she's always had some weird quirks, but lately she's been acting incredibly sick on and off again. We moved into a new house 9 days ago, and she was running around, acting very happy. Then four days ago she stopped eating or drinking, had anal leakage, and was acting very lethargic. We took her to the vet, they said it was stress - gave her some antibiotics and fluids. The next day - she acted almost normal, more hyper than usual. The day after that - she was hiding in dark corners, her third eyelid showing, and she jerked around at noises or movements like she was blind, but she was eating. This morning, she was completely fine again, but now it's afternoon and she's back in her dark corners. Her blood work was normal- is all of this really because of stress? Is it something in the house she's not responding well to? I JUST took her to the vet, what could it be??

Asked by Member 1193806 on Oct 10th 2013 Tagged mysteryillness in Other Health & Wellness
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Orion Hemingway

Moving is extremely stressful for cats. Spray calming spray inside the new home three times a day to make it easier for her to adjust. Ensure that she knows where her litter, food, toys and cat condo are. Show her places to hide if she can't find any. Fleas can lie dormant in carpeting, so check her if you didn't flea treat prior to moving in. Also avoid scented floor cleaner, air sprays, laundry detergents, additives or fabric softeners, as your cat is in a transitory phase, and they will irritate her instead of help her to adjust. Add a water bowl to make sure that she's drinking properly, and give her attention and keep monitoring her health like you already are doing. She will get through this; sometimes it takes awhile for them to feel comfortable, especially if the prior owners had a pet or pets. ^_^

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