my 12 year old female persian has been off her food for a little more than a day.Quite listless,too.

up to date with all her shots.She's due for nobivac annual and anti rabies shot.but i've never seen her this listless and unresponsive.Even found her curled up in her litter tray until I coaxed her out.
The vet said he would give her vitamin injections but I wasn't happy with the answer..I just want to make sure she's okay ..what could it possibly be to make her lethargic in a day?

Asked by Member 1212883 on Feb 24th 2014 in Health & Wellness
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Angel Buddha

I would take her to a different vet for a thorough checkup and lab tests. She behaves very typically like a cat who is sick. At her age there are many possible things that could be going on-urinary problems, diabetes, thyroid problems just to name 3 very common old cat problems. If properly diagnosed and treated, your cat probably has several good years of life left.

Angel Buddha answered on 3/4/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer