Moving a country cat to an apartment. Will it be okay to bring her back to run around?

I have a two year old domestic medium hair named Lucy, and she's lived here at my parent's house since she was five weeks old.
She's used to being an indoor/outdoor cat, coming inside to to eat, and cuddle and sleep in the winter, and spending most of her time outside in the spring and summer, catching mice and birds and rabbits and whatnot.
Next month, I'm moving away from my parents, to an apartment about an hour away. Lucy was a strictly indoor cat until she was spayed, so I'm sure she'll be okay after a little adjustment.
But I will be coming back here to the country to house sit while my parents go on their vacations and camping trips, and I'd really like to bring Lucy along and let her run around.
However, I'm not sure if this will be safe, once she adjusts to the new apartment.
Will I be able to bring her back here without her running off?

Asked by Member 1127878 on Aug 27th 2012 Tagged cat, indoor, outdoor, home, apartment, moving, outside in Other Travel & Recreation
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omg my name is Lucy!!! haha anyway that is a very good question- there's no telling how Lucy will react when she is brought from the country to an apartment-then back to the country again. Maybe she will be very excited to be back in her old home and run off. Or maybe she will be frightentened and weary of the outdoors. How does she respond in the apartment? Is she restless to be outside? Aggressive? Scared? Content? Visits back to the country may cause stress for your kitty, and under stress or fear, there is a possibility she will fun away. after she's adjusted to city life, take Lucy to the country and slowly adapt her back. Allow her to play outside under your watch before just leting her loose. Transitions may be rough at first, but soon they should become easy and Lucy will have the best of both worlds :)

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