Me and my boyfriend recently bought two kittens. Both are about 9 weeks old now and they will not stop crying!

We got 2 kittens, 9 weeks old now. When picked up and handled, they cry. When seperated from each other, they cry. When seperated from each other and with no one else around, they cry. They are always crying! How can we stop this or at least help it?

Asked by Member 999044 on Aug 1st 2010 Tagged crying, meowing, kittens, young in Behavior & Training
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It is good that you adopted the two kittens because kittens less than six months need to be adopted in pairs. They are used to being around each other and that is all they know. Kittens adopted in pairs are usually more social than kittens who are adopted alone. Just make sure that they have each other to play with, have plenty of toys, and food. You can leave dry food out all day at this age because they are growing and hungry. Also, make sure they always have plenty of fresh water. Play with them for 10 or 15 minutes before you go to bed. This should tire out those little "energizer kitties"! Best of luck to you and your new furry friends!

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Little kittens use their voices to find each other. When separated from each other they are crying to let the other know where they are. If you haven't had them for very long they probably don't recognize you as "new mom" and aren't sure you aren't going to eat or steal them. Remember, they were just removed from the rest of their litter. Try talking to them, sit in the room with them and keep them near you as much as you can. Let them come to you when you are in the room, and talk to them. They will grow out of it - faster if they feel more comfortable. Also try to make sure they are warm and our of any breezes, as kittens get cold really easily.

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