male cat vs. female cat?

My male cats seems to nicer than female cats. Is this common or no? My male cats are more playful and nicer to me and other cats. My females are nice, but not as nice. I was just wondering if this happens or not? They all get the same ammount of attention also.

All my male cats except Toby are nice. I'm sorry this really isn't a question but I've always wanted to know the answer.

Asked by Otto on Aug 31st 2010 in Behavior & Training
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Izadore (Izzie)

My son always said that male cats are more affectionate, but I've had both and it's about even. It really depends on the individual cat. My Delilah is a cuddler and loves to be picked up, kissed and hugged. Izzie, on the other hand, will tolerate it, but when I put him down, he grooms himself for half an hour--makes me feel good ;-) It also depends on whether or not the cat is fixed. Unaltered cats have one thing on their mind and for the most part, they don't want to waste time cuddling their owners.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Aug 31st.

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I have two female cats, both of them are really nice toward humans and they are both nice to eachother and are playful. it depends on the personalty of the cat not the gender.

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