Male cat pooping everywhere but the litter box he is fixed and 2 years old this started about a month ago?

on clothing in his water dish bottom of the shower you name it.

Asked by BUDDY on Aug 25th 2008 in Answers
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Cats will refuse their litter for many reasons.
If the litter box is too small.
If the litter box is too full.
The brand of litter you use. (non-perfumed is the best).
The type of litter boxes (sometimes the ones with the hoods on the them are too small and they cannot move around in them).

I use the World's Best Cat Litter extra strength. It's not that expensive, but I love it. It's about $23.99 for a very large bag and is all natural and made of corn. It's very very good because it clumps so well and its flushable.

Fatso answered on 8/26/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer