Maggie, three month old Maine Coon shivers and shakes almost constantly

I just got her three days ago and we figured it was just adjusting to new people and new surroundings. I've had a cat with seizures, (because I know that's going to be everyone's first assumption) and it's not it's just the shivers. She's been to the vet twice in two days, been immunized against distemper/lukemia/all the general kitten things. she did have some diarhea and vomiting in the car on the way to work this morning, but we think that may be in part to introducing her to wet food for the first time.

And ideas about why I have such a shakey kitty or how to calm her?

(this is my second Maine Coon, and my first boy never shook like this)


Asked by Maggie on Jun 12th 2008 Tagged shaking, shake, shiver, tremble, mainecoon, kitten in Illness & Disease
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There are a variety of reasons why a cat might shiver, including being cold, being nervous,being scared, being itchy, having a "skin crawling" sensation, and many more. You might want to consider having her evaluated by a veterinarian for a medical cause for this issue.Before that, from your description I see that you have taken her to the vet. May be she is in Pain from all the vaccinations and it might wear off. If the shivers were present even before taking her to the Vet then may be she is just plain cold in the new surroundings or nervous as its her new home. You can warm up a towel and wrap it around her to see if it makes her comfortable. Increase the temp in your house and see if that helps. If it persists after all these attempts, I would suggest you check back with your Vet again to see if there is any real medical issue behind it.
One more thing is you need to watch her diarrhea and vomiting.If it doesnt stop then I would think its a reaction to vaccines. Take her Vet then.

Cherry answered on 6/12/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Cherry has some good ideas and suggestions for you.
I would also suggest, if you have not done so already to check back with the breeder to see if Maggie was prone to acting like this when she was with them. It is possible she is simply overwhelmed and terrified, with the new home, vet visits and some tummy woes. If it continues another day I'd call the vet( before the weekend) to see what they say.
This may sound silly, but try singing softly to her- I know it is something my cats like- it seems to calm them if they get upset,so if the shaking is from all the changes it may help her.
By the way, our Maine Coon girl is called Maggie as well!

Maggie answered on 6/12/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I'm a one year old purebred Maine Coon, and I shake when I'm afraid (like after a cat show) or sometimes for no reason at all. Otherwise, I have no health issues, so it never even occurred to my Mommy to ask the vet about this before seeing your post! Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your new family soon!

Lola answered on 6/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer