Lost confidence in young kitten.

I have three cats one male who loves everyone including our dog and two females that love the male cat hate the dog and each other. Things were not always this way sadly. My kitten was brought here had no problem for months everyone got along well sept that darn pooch! The last month or so she has stopped going on the cat tree started to hide alot more and now any time the other female is around they jsut lock eyes. I try to block view and pet both of them at the same time to be like its OK! both of them look like a holes all the time but when they look each other its worse. . There is no fighting. I just want my kitten to not be picked on! The older cat is fixed and the kitten is not yet. (working on it) Please help!

Asked by Member 1208618 on Jan 9th 2014 Tagged aholes in Socialization
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