Long haired cat has trouble going to the loo.

My long hair sometimes has trouble doing his 'number two' - it sometimes sticks to his bum and he scrapes it all over the floor - can anyone help with this. Thanks in advance.

Asked by Member 1195134 on Oct 19th 2013 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Bezalel Tiger

There are a few things you can do to alleviate this problem. First, if he is up on all of his shots, you can take him to a groomer. If that's too costly for you, you can give him a haircut around the bum yourself. If your cat won't stand for that, buy cleaning wipes for cats in the pet store and if you see poo stuck, grab it with a cloth and pull it off. Then rub the rest of the poo off with a different cloth and clean the floor separately. I have a medium hair and this happens seldomly, but sometimes I do have to rip a dried dingleberry from her butt. ^_^

Bezalel Tiger answered on 1/28/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer