Long flight from DC to San Fran coming up. Has anyone gone with Virgin America? I need to find an approved bag. Help?

I'm moving home to my parents house for awhile and I'm taking my cat with me. She was born May 2008 so she is plenty old enough to make the move. I have been looking for a good carrier but Virgin's dimensions are 18 inches long x 15 inches wide x 8 inches high. Every bag is too high. I found one that fits the dimensions except is 8.5 inches high. Do you think the half an inch will matter? Anyone have any good airline travel carrier recommendations? I'm going to my vet 5 days before we fly to get the health cert, check up and drugs (hopefully) to knock her out. She's barely been in and out of my apartment. I'm afraid she's going to flip out and scream the whole flight. I don't necessarily want her looking out of the bag and flipping out.

Any thoughts, tips or help?

Asked by Elfie on Apr 30th 2010 Tagged petcarrier, airlinetravel, moving in Air Travel
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Minxy (1987-2008)

The 1/2 inch won't matter so I'd get that one. Drugs that knock her out probably aren't a good idea as sometimes they get scared when they are really woozy, but the vet may be able to give you some kind of mild sedative or anti anxiety meds to calm her down a bit. Make sure to try them out before the trip to see how she reacts to them.

A couple of tips are...

Bring a small blanket or a towel that you can put over the carrier as that will make her feel more secure.

When you go through security you have to take her out of the carrier and carry her through with you wheile the carrier goes through the xray machine. This is obviously risky so you should ask the security people to take you to a closed room so you can take her out in a secure place while they check the carrier and you. Make sure to allow extra time for this.

Minxy (1987-2008) answered on 4/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I few my 6 month old kitten home on Virgin America in the cabin. You want a soft sided carrier (Sherpa or Sturdiproducts are good options), most of them will bend a little to accommodate the under seat measurements. A 0.5" won't matter. Also, once aboard, you can turn the carrier on its side so the bottom is now the wall and remove the cardboard bottom that provides a solid floor for the pet. Finally, when you go though security, you will have to remove your cat from her carrier and walk through the metal detector. So think about getting a harness as this will give you something to hold onto. Best of luck.

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