Lola our kitten joined us on Sunday at 8weeks old she was on whiskers pouches so thats what we brought her but she has n

Asked by Member 1210906 on Jan 22nd 2014 in Food & Nutrition
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Orion Hemingway

Okay, you can do much better! Buy a bag of Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials kitten in the light green bag from any major pet store. Your kitten should be introduced to solid food by nine weeks. Mix it in with the pouches until they are all gone and she is eating only solid food. Over the long run, a half pouch every other day as a treat is okay, but the hard food is better for their teeth and will save you on vet dental treatments later in your cat's life. When kitty is six months, you can try all the different flavors of greenies dental treats, in flavors like fish and catnip... Yummeow!!

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