Living in Vietnam-No access to vet. Looking for home remedies/alternative cures for ear mites.

Living in Vietnam and have recently adopted a kitten. Based of what we've found online we suspect she has ear mites. Having a hard time finding access to medication or a vet. Are there any easily accessible alternatives?

Asked by Member 1070252 on Nov 12th 2011 in Alternative Treatments
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There is really nothing as effective as the Rx products like Milbemite that the vet uses. Mine had it a few years ago and that stuff knocked it right out. The stuff you can buy OTC which you might be able to buy online is not as effective and actually contains stuff that is poisonous if kitty ingests it by mistake but this may be your only option. I had read that cleaning the ears with pure mineral oil (basically baby oil without any scent) would drown the mites but I did try that with mine until I could get in to see the vet but it was not terribly effective. Be careful not to stick a q-tip any further than you can see in the ear or you can cause damage. But my Kira had horrible complications from the infections caused by the mites (she was the one who brought them into my home and gave them to the others) and without very expensive surgery she could have lost her hearing so please continue to look for a vet for your kitty before it gets more serious.

Allie answered on 11/13/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Clean ears with moist clothe. Usually. You can smother the earmites by keeping the ear canal filled with mineral oil. Keep cleaning their ears out with a warm wash cloth as the mites die. Then refill with mineral oil. Only use mineral other kind of oil. Not hard to find and is cheap. No other kind of oil.

Member 1090019 answered on 2/17/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer