Leaving a Kitten alone with toy

Hi, 1st post.
I have a F5 Savannah coming when it reaches 11 weeks. I'll have to leave it alone during the work day but am getting mixed messages regarding leaving toys out for it. Some people say I absolutely should leave a variety of toys for it to play with, others say only one or two items, and still others insist that toys should be put away after play time to prevent cats from becoming bored with them. Also the back of most cat toys state specifically never to leave a cat unsupervised with a toy. At the same time I feel it would be unkind to leave a cat alone with nothing to do, and more likely to act up as a result.

I have a bedroom to isolate her in, secure with furniture removed, hard wood floors. Scratching post, water fountain, food, carrier (with a blanket over it to form a hiding cave), soft blankets, and litter box (clay unscented litter). I feel the area is kitty safe, now it just needs to be kitty fun.

Thank you

Asked by Member 1174058 on Jun 6th 2013 in Exercise & Play
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Panda Bear

Fun is correct! These are jungle cats, and one boring room will be destroyed in no time, causing your cat anger/anxiety. I have tons of toys for my 3; they each have their favorites and they should be rotated to avoid boredom. More than one scratcher is preferable, unless you like deep grooves in your floors! You need a cat tree and a window perch to make the room complete- they are climbers and also need a good view to be entertained. Finally, a few treats in a special dish won't hurt either (Greenies has new fusion (2 in 1) flavors. ^_^

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