Kittens in third story apartment running too loudly. The neighbors are very aggravated.

I have two perfectly normal, healthy kittens. The oldest is six months and the youngest is 4. Unfortunately, I live on a third story apartment and both of the cats like to play chase and wrestle with each other. It's driving my downstairs neighbors crazy--they keep banging on the ceiling and marching up here to yell at me, which in turn gives me anxiety attacks. Does anyone have any advice on ways to make the cats quieter? I've put down all of the rugs, mats, sleeping bags, etc. that I own, but I don't have enough to cover the floor. I'm at my wits end--please help!

Asked by Member 1198891 on Nov 11th 2013 Tagged neighbor, apartment, kittens in Kittens
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Panda Bear

Buy more rugs or have carpeting installed via financing. You can be evicted if they constantly complain. You also need to confine them to a room while you are away at work, buy a cat tree and a window perch. You can even stick down towels with ruggies- $10 on ebay. Worse comes to worse, switch to a downstairs unit, but I can't believe the kittens are that loud all of the time, unless their ceiling is made of cardboard or they are old and need to complain about something. Get them candy canes and say sorry for the trouble- It's harder to be mad at nice people. ^_^

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