kittens 8wks have diarrhea can i give them imodium ad. they are still playful and eat

they have changed food

Asked by Member 679982 on Aug 8th 2008 in Health & Safety
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Please don't give your kittens human medications, that's a truly bad idea. Most medicines made for humans can severely affect a cat's health. They may even kill some cats. If they're runny right now, it's the food change. Give their intestines some time to get adjusted to it. As long as they are playful and eating, they're ok.

You only have to watch out if they get lethargic and stop playing, as that means they're dehydrated as a side effect of the diarrhea (but that would take a few days of it). If that happens no home remedies. They will need to see a vet.

But if they act normal, chances are they'll be ok soon enough.

Gracie answered on Aug 8th.

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I agree with the last person who answered. My only other suggestion is to offer pedialyte to help combat any dehydration.

Member 663404 answered on 8/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Bella (In Loving Memory)

Do not give your kittens anything intended for humans without your vet's approval, including immodium or pedialyte. It is probably the food change, but it could easily be intestinal parasites, such as coccidia or round worms. Take a sample of the stool to your vet and have them do a flotation.

Bella (In Loving Memory) answered on 8/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer