Kitten wont bottle feed

HI Please help, my kittens were born 2 days ago. there are 3 2 are nursing, one is kind of over taking and has gained weight, the other has lost but has feed today, and the runt has gone from 2.9oz to 2.6 oz and is not latching, I have got a feeder and milk, and done all I can find on the net and it is still not taking any milk and just keeps sitting away from teats and other kittens

Asked by Member 1211901 on Feb 18th 2014 Tagged kittens, bottlefeed, latching, nursing in Kittens
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Pookie Face (in memory)

By handling the baby so much you are encouraging the mother to reject it. There is no reason that you should be doing anything but helping the lil guy to find a nipple. Why are you handling and weighing them so young? Let the mother do her job. In the wild, not all babies survive for a REASON. Unless you are a breeder, why is the mom not spayed and having kittens... do you have homes for them all yet? Focus on that instead and let nature take its course. ^_^

Pookie Face (in memory) answered on 3/7/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer