Kitten real dry and cracked paws

A month ago, i noticed that my 7 months old cat had his paws looking like if they were real dry, so dry that they were cracked. I took him to the vet and he told me my cat might be lacking some Omega3. He prescribed the oil Omega3 MIrra-Coat, to give it to him once per day, and also Urederm Lotion to apply it on his paws 3 times per day. Even though, my cat was wearing one of those plastic cones, he would manage to lick his back paws. Is distressing cause when it looks its getting a bit better, he gets again the blisters, the blisters dry, and the dead skin falls off, and again he gets blisters, and same process...
They also sent some of the dead skin to laboratory to test for fungus, but it came out negative.
Anyway, there wasn't really an improvement and went back to the vet. He asked me to change the litter from clumping litter to crystal litter, cause maybe he was allergic to it. After all this, my cat still has real dry paws.
Please help. Thank you in advance.

Asked by Member 806146 on Feb 19th 2009 Tagged paws, dry, cracked, kitten, omega in Skin Problems
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Do the paw pads look kinda puffy too? There is a condition called Plasma Cell Pododermatitis that causes puffy looking paw pads that crack and looked burned. It is treated with a steroid injection. Try googling it and look at the pictures and see if this is similar to what your cat has. If it does look like your cat, talk to your vet about it because your cat can easily get some relief. Good Luck!

answered on Feb 19th.

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Mayby your cat have walked on a hot surface ,like a oven.

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