Kitten poos outside of litter box!

7mo old, male, very friendly, loves human interaction.
Room is private. Litter box can be clean, dirty or In between, all variations tried.
Will poo sometimes in box, but most times across the room, always in same spot. Always pees in litter. Why?? Help!!

Asked by Oscar on Feb 24th 2014 Tagged outsidelitterfeces in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Cats, like many animals, will avoid places where they have been in pain - and unfortunately, this often means the litterbox. In other words, if he had a bad experience in the litterbox (constipation, etc,) he may avoid it because he thinks he will have another one.

Pay attention to the poo he is passing - that can tell a LOT about his health. If it's dry & hard, or loose & moist, or has signs of a parasite (like white "rice" formations,) he may be having unpleasant litter experiences.

We had a tough time with a rescue cat pooing all over the house, but it wasn't healthy poo, so we knew it was because she was sick.

If the poo is healthy (and google can help with figuring that out,) perhaps try moving the box to the location he's chosen. Mentally he seems to have decided that spot is more to his liking. :P

Bandit answered on 3/2/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer