Kitten pen at night time/during work

I'm thinking about rescuing a kitten, but it's been a long time since I've had a baby in need of training. Ill be living on my own without any other pets as I am starting my life after college. My question is I want to have a pen or area with all the kittens needs at night time and when I am at work until he or she is safe to move about the place on their own. I wanted to know if I end up doing this will the cat ever feel comfortable sleeping in my bed at night if I train the kitten using the pen for the first few weeks or so.

Asked by Member 1145195 on Dec 14th 2012 Tagged training in Behavior & Training
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It is great to use pens for first age kittens.Grab a blanket some pillows and put it in the pen.That way,your kitten won't be so timid.If you don't want to spend to much money on expensive pens at the pet store,get your kitten a small cheap pet bed and place it on your bed.Its best to buy a pen for your kitten when you are out at work or doing things.I have such a stupid thing to do,reason one.My cat baby,was only a kitten and got used to sitting in the back seats in the car!Try that.First use a cage,then try holding him/her for a while then let the kitten when it is much older to wander around the car when you are not driving.Then try it with driving,if it goes well give yourself a A+ !

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