Simon Birch

Kitten peeing on bed.

My kitten, Simon, has been peeing on my bed the past couple of weeks. I got him at twelve weeks, and from the first day he used his litter box, I would say ninety percent of the time. I did notice a pattern with him peeing on my bed, however, he seems to do it right after I feed him, I leave the bathroom door open when I feed him and let him come out when he is done. Should I leave him in the bathroom for a period of time after he eats to allow him to use the litter box? I don't know what to do, of course I would never give him away or anything, but I can't afford to get all new bedding, I need to stop this ASAP! Thanks!

Asked by Simon Birch on Aug 27th 2009 in Behavior & Training
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hy...i know what you going throw because my cat bobby used bath for peeing... so... ill try to help you... i read about your problem... when kitten is small you shoud put him in litterbox every hour when hes awake and than pet him for a while... when simon pee on your bed try to sprinkle him with water or clap your hands... than put him in litterbox and pet him... soon you see his tail up and its started dithering thats means he need to go on wc (litterbox) you take him and put him in it step aside few steps (because some cats doesnt like that other beings watch them while they are in litterbox) while hes over pet him... give him some treet... i hope i help you... good luck and dont give up so quickly... i almost forgoted... put litterbox on some quiet staid place... :)

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♥ Tasha ♥

Here is a website that may have some suggestions to help you:

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Izadore (Izzie)

Bobby's advice is good. Cats usually stop using the litter box for two reasons, a health problem or stress. Take Simon to the vets and have them do a urine culture. He may have a urinary tract infection (UTI). This can be painful, and if it hurts him to pee he associates the box with pain so won't use it. Also, if he is not neutered, it's time to do that as he may be marking. Keep his box very clean. I scoop sometimes twice a day! If you changed litter on him, he may not like the new stuff. Make sure his box is in a quiet, private place. Make sure you wash your bedding and bleach it if possble to remove all traces of the urine scent. If he smells himself there, he will continue to use your bed to pee. You may also want to put another box someplace ese in your home, take him out of the bedroom and close the door. Show him where the new box is, and as Bobby advised, praise him like crazy when he uses it. He is still a baby and he will make mistakes, so be patient! 8-)

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 8/28/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Julius had the same problem. He used his litterbox most of the time, but sometimes he would pee on my bed. I cleaned all my bedding with Nature's Miracle, and he went for the pillows. So I just started picking up my pillows and putting them in the top of my closet when I was done sleeping on them. It worked like a charm. He hasn't missed since. Izzie's right, it could possibly be a UTI which he should be checked for. I'm just saying that in my case, Julius was perfectly healthy, he was "claiming" his mama from my other two cats.

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Simon may be marking HIS bed. Other pets in the house?

I have a similar problem with a new male kitty, Kash, 11 - 12 weeks old. He was left on my porch along with a female kitten 10 days ago. I've had no litterbox problems UNTIL the past two days.

Each morning I've found a small wet spot on my sheets/quilt where he peed during the night. The spots are where my thighs lay when I'm asleep. I've felt Kash creep under the covers to snuggle against me at night, but never felt any moisture.

No other traces of urine found in the apartment.

I first put the litterbox in the bedroom, but didn't want to smell fresh poop wafting overhead, so moved it to the bathroom, just outside the bedroom, where it's been for a week. Both kits use it regularly.

Kash is very DOMINANT. Sassy, who's sweet & shy, shared the bed for 3 nights, but has slept UNDER the bed for a week.

I suspect Kash is marking the BED & ME from Sassy & I'm ready to find her a new home ASAP. All thoughts appreciated!

Member 890079 answered on 9/21/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer